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David Grant Noble

David Grant Noble has worked since the 1960s as a photographer, writer, and editor. His books focus on the history and archaeology of the American Southwest. The most recent, In the Places of the Spirits (Gallery 1), brings together more than thirty years of photographing, exploring, and thinking about the Southwest.

Prior to the Southwestern work, Noble made a series of photographs of Mohawk high-steel workers in New York City (Gallery 2) and Ojibwe wild rice harvesters in Wisconsin and Minnesota (Gallery 3). Photographs of rock art can be viewed in Gallery 4

Besides writing and photographing, he has worked as a ranch hand, roughneck, roustabout, foreign intelligence agent, French teacher, newspaper reporter, house builder, public information director, lecturer, and archaeological guide on Southwestern rivers. These varied experiences have helped form his views of life as well as his creative work.

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